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With another amazing win, TCU basketball suddenly has some legitimate things to celebrate.
A winning season clinched and the guaranteed best season in the program’s history in the Big 12.
Granted, three wins in conference is not much to speak of, and the winning season was helped solely due to TCU’s non-confernece performance.
But to win two straight games after having previously never even won two total in this stacked conference is another sign that, ever so slowly, Trent Johnson may very well be starting something that just might work.
It’s working now because the Frogs are finally being efficient on offense to go along with the tough defense they have showed for much of the year. A 53 percent shooting clip while holding the Wildcats to only 15 points in the first half helped them to charge to a 20 point lead. Kansas State was able to cut that lead down to six with less than 12 minutes to go, but TCU then countered with a 10-0 run.
CHris Washburn led the way for TCU with 17 points as three TCU starters finished in double figures and Kyan Anderson was one point shy of making it four.


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