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Add the CFP to the list of events that WON’T return to “North Texas.”

And so another major event comes and goes from the Boss Hogg Bowl, with Ohio State winning the first College Football Playoff championship game that Jerry Jones suckered into being played at his ginormous “do you think he’s compensating for something” dome.

Now, just like all the other times such an event has come to “North Texas” – people REALLY don’t like to hear that, do they? – Jerry and everyone will just sit back and arrogantly expect the organizers of the CFP to come begging to return to the greatness that is JerryWorld and Arlington.

Yeah, don’t hold your breath.

The national title game for 2016 will be in Arizona, with 2017 going to Tampa. So when will Arlington naturally be picked again? Well, those in charge say they want it played at a deferent venue each year, so that’s not a good sign. And the track record of other event organizers beating down Jerry’s door asking to return to his palace? Even worse.

Jerry Jones, the greatest snake-oil salesman in the world, is great at getting people to play at his monument to himself once. But so far, there is no case of “fool me twice” when it comes to these events returning.

At the moment it is certain that the Super Bowl will not be returning to Jerry World through at least 2018. The Final Four sites are set through 2021 with no plans to return to “North Texas.”

Among the biggest issues is that the event is held at JerryWorld – and nothing else. This event is another example. The teams stayed at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, and they practiced at the facilities at Trinity and LD Bell high schools in the Hurst-Euless-Bedford area. ESPN’s broadcast base for the days leading up to the event was in Fort Worth’s Sundance Square, with a few other broadcast spots taking place in Dallas.

When you look at it that way, it makes a lot more sense to say these events are taking place in “North Texas” if everything related to the event gets sprawled out like that.

Blame the city of Arlington for that, which only thought to build the stadium and took all the other ancillary pieces for granted. But that’s to be expected of a city that has long had a bipolar attitude of wanting to draw people to its tourist attractions but not wanting those tourists to stick around.

Come to Arlington to enjoy our huge football stadium, the Rangers and Six Flags. Just expect to drive all the way over here, because transit is for “unwanted elements.” Yeah, and just pick up and leave when you’re done, because we don’t want you actually spending the night and desecrating our sacred suburb.

And therein lies the big problem of why no one who comes to cover the events in “North Texas” likes doing so – an essential component to Jerry retaining these precious events.

The people of North Texas may have long since embraced a land of sprawl where you have to drive 20-30 minutes to get anywhere, but it remains a pain in the ass for everyone else. Seeing tweets of “this event should not be held in a place you can’t walk to,” I could only nod my head in sad understanding.

Call them interlopers if you want, but the people who run these events have to look at these complaints and take them into account in determining if it’s worth returning here. So far, the answer seems to always be “no.”

The people of North Texas don’t see this as a problem. They continue to believe that JerryWorld being “The Home of The Dallas Cowboys” is enough to sell and lure events like the Pied Piper led rats. There are still likely people who believe it’s just an inevitability that the universities of Texas and Oklahoma will leave the dilapidated Cotton Bowl, having to eventually see the light that the prestige of playing in Jerry’s masterpiece lying in the wasteland of Arlington is greater than being at the State Fair of Texas.

But those schools have stayed firm and continued to stay within the corny dogs while remaining satisfied with the deals they can cut with Dallas – mainly because they know they – GASP – Don’t NEED Jerry and the so-called Cowboys prestige to have a big event.

One by one, with the CFP surely being the latest, other events are learning this.

And Jerry, little by little, is having to take the hit of realizing his arrogance of not reaching a compromise to build his jewel in Dallas will hurt in the long run.


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