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I’m not going to be afraid to say this: The new college football playoff system is a joke. By allowing only four teams and still allowing teams to get in without winning their conference, meaning speculation still rules, there will still be endless bickering about who does and doesn’t get in, meaning this new system has fixed nothing. Consider: Florida State is the only remaining unbeaten from a power conference – and people are saying they SHOULDN’T get in because the ACC is bad. And with only four teams/three games, those that get left out can still make their case they could have won it had they gotten in. Unless you include all conference champions and/or devise an arbitrary, objective system for who gets in, nothing will be solved.

So the Miami Marlins wasted 300 million dollars on Giancarlo Stanton despite the fact that they have yet to finish higher than place with Stanton. Meanwhile, the Rangers built a team around Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler and Nelson Cruz, and refused to spend a fraction of that total to keep that team together. I honestly don’t know which is the more frustrating decision.

San Antonio Spurs fans like to whine that Greg Popovich sitting his players out for whole regular season games is good strategy and those that paid good money for those games to see those players just need to suck it up and take it. Yet Rick Carlisle and the Mavericks have their own way of getting players rest. You don’t need to sit a player for the whole game – just the fourth quarter after you’ve beaten the tar out of the opposition for the first three. Dirk hasn’t played 30 minutes in

Caught the Texas Legends for the first time this year. After wining their first two games in Southern California, they come home and… lose their first game at DP Arena. At least it was to the Santa Cruz Warriors, who are supposed to be right there with the Legends for the best roster in the D-League. One thing I’m still pretty sure of: The Legends could still beat the Philadelphia 76ers.

Harvard beat Yale in “The Game” to have an unbeaten season, and for it, they get… nothing but pride, since the Ivy League does not send its champion to the FCS playoff. On top of that, every athlete on that field was playing without a scholarship. Part of me wants to support that type of league – and then the other half remembers most of those students are attending the most expensive, elitist schools in the country on their parents’ dime. If only there were big state schools out there that could actually embrace athletics while still putting academics as a priority…

Every year I keep suggesting I got to a Wal-Mart on Black Friday just to watch the carnage for some type of sick pleasure. But then I tell myself there would be no safe haven to watch from, so I chicken out.


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