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Times have definitely changed.
At one time, the Mavericks running away with the Los Angeles Lakers would have made headlines. But this season, it was almost expected before they even threw the ball up.
The Mavs and Lakers came into play with opposite records, and it stayed that way as Dallas blew the game open in the second half to get yet another blowout at the American Airlines Center.
If there was one negative that Rick Carlisle will likely drill into his players regarding this game, it’s that they allowed the Lakers to shoot better than 51 percent. But Dallas was able to overcome that with a scorching 62 percent, including 78 percent in the third quarter when they put up 42 points. Six of their 14 field goals made in that period came from three-point range.
It all led to their biggest offensive game since 2009. Three Mavs finished in the 20-point range, led by 23 from Dirk Nowitzki.


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