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Originally posted with The Texas Sports Daily

Saturday night was definitely gut wrenching and depressing, even for someone like me who is still not a big football fan. SMU, the program that desires a win more than any else for maintaining its academic integrity to the point it drove a coach away, saw it’s chance at its first win of the year slip right away. Meanwhile, Florida State, maybe the most corrupt, evil program out there right now, was minutes away from having its playoff hopes squashed (ironically to a Miami program that used to be the most corrupt in the nation) but came back to win. If there is one program you definitely want to NOT win this year, it’s the Seminoles, because otherwise, do you want the first ever playoff championship for major college football to just get stripped in a few years?

The Boss Hogg Bowl will not host another Final Four any time soon; the NCAA has released the hosting sites through 2021, and Jerry’s masterpiece is not on the list. Meanwhile, the NFL has yet to declare if/when the Super Bowl will ever come back, with 2019 being the earliest possible time. Am I the only one not surprised by this? People in this area that are so in love with their cars just don’t fathom how many people outside this sprawl don’t like the idea of having to drive at lest 20 minutes to get anywhere. I saw Tweets during that Final Four saying “This event should not be at a place where you can’t walk to the stadium.” Ultimately, Jerry’s going to lose out on all the major events he expected to draw, all because he didn’t want his palace in a place where he couldn’t force everyone to pay 70 dollars to park.

I hate the idea of sabermetrics and all of these “advanced” stats that you need a masters in geek math to understand, but one stat I’m liking more and more is the simple number of “plus/minus” – It’s easy to understand, being the difference in points a team scores/allows when a player is in the game, and it’s been integrated into basketball for a few years now. Some people have already been complaining about Chandler Parsons not delivering for what the Mavs are paying him, especially after three straight games of 11 or fewer points, but the guy’s been having his best plus/minus performances for the past two weeks. Rick Carlisle wants to see people putting out on defense and working within a team concept, and Parsons putting up plus/minus numbers like that, he’s going to get praise and respect from his coach. And yeah yeah yeah, I hear it about how the Mavs got an early break drawing so many lottery teams to start the season. That just means that when they have to face more of the big boys, they’ll have fully gelled as a team and be even tougher.

The idea that the Rangers might trade Elvis Andrus to the Yankees or Mets just shows how much trouble they’re in trying to restock this team. Elvis is not worth giving up unless there is a power hitting outfielder and/or center fielder in the deal, and do either of the NY teams have something like that which they would part with? And even ten, tat’s just creating one hole to fill another. You all are gaga that Rougned Odor and Jurickson Profar are guaranteed future Hall of Famers, but what have they done to prove they are that much better than Elvis? Just think, this all happened because JD thought he was worth an eight-year deal when Josh Hamilton somehow wasn’t worth five.

If anyone out there is looking for holiday presents, might I suggest the Kevin Harvick Sprint Cup Champion cap.

Stay Rowdy, My Friends.


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