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Chandler Parsons received some criticism from people after three straight games of scoring 11 points or less, but the truth is, the Mavs’ biggest off-season acquisition has improved his all-around game of late.
Parsons’ last four games have seen him put up his four best in terms of plus/minus, the stat that originated in hockey that shows the difference in points the team scores versus what they allow when a player is in the game.
That carried over into Thursday night, when Parsons had a plus/minus of +19 in addition to 14 points as the Mavs romped easily past Philadelphia at the American Airlines Center.
It was a completely dominating effort where no one with Dallas had a negative score in that statistic and six players were better than +20, led by Dirk Nowitzki’s +33 and 21 points.
By contrast, everyone on the Sixers was in the negative, with six players worse than -20.
All that led to Dallas having a 38-10 lead after the first quarter and never looking back, leading 73-29 at halftime.
The Mavs won their ninth straight at home against Philadelphia, who lost 120-88 to Toronto on Sunday and are looking at their worst start since 1972. Things don’t look much better for the Sixers, as they still have the other two stops go go in the gauntlet that is Texas in the NBA.


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