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Originally posted with The Texas Sports Daily

Well, it was a nice boycott while it lasted. For those not aware, I haven’t listened to 105.3 The Fan in nearly two years since they fired friends Jasmine Sadry and RIchie Whitt, trying to destroy their reputations in the process. Now… it looks like the Rangers are going to be back on The Fan after four years on 103.3. I will admit this is a good move for the Rangers to move back to a station with the range to cover all of the Metroplex and beyond, and this will probably assuage those who have been thinking CBS Radio is going to give up on 105.3 being a sports station. Still, I’ve come to be live keeping the major sports off of sports talk radio is best to avoid conflict of interest accusations. Either way, the only voice I will be listening to on The Fan will be Eric Nadel.

I may also end up going back on something else I said I would never do – step into JerryWorld for a football game? Not not for THAT team. But assuming their playoff games will be hosted there, I just might have to see what the James Martin High Warriors are going to do in the postseason. I may be a football moron, but this has been an unbelievably good team that has already played one game in Jerry’s place this year – and piled on 84 against Paschal. The one issue is that they get cocky, often pulling trick plays early in the game. Don’t know how well that will work against the premier schools in Texas – they can’t all be as gullible as Lamar.

Did anyone think Tony Romo would really not play in the Cows’ next game? Forget Jason Garrett or even Jerry Jones – Roger Goodell will not stand for his marquee team playing in a showcase game in London without its biggest name player. Meanwhile, the NFL continues to think it can convince England to abandon soccer for the American game by planning three more games in London for 2015. I do wonder if they have sports talk in the Mother Country, because I keep imagining blokes there going on and on insulting American football even worse than Yanks here diss soccer.

Bad things come in threes, they say, but in the case of the Mavs and Stars, it seems bad things come in the third. Both teams seem to come apart in the third period with regularity. It didn’t really hurt the Mavs until last night in Portland, mainly since they had built huge leads in the previous games, and they play a game where there’s a fourth period to recover. The Stars, meanwhile, haven’t won in six games mainly due to their inability to hold on in what is the final period in hockey. They still got some points here in there thanks to the league giving you consolations for losing in overtime, but right now, the team in green definitely is in a spot where something needs to change soon.

I enjoy soccer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t understand the frustrations some in this country have with the game. Mainly: Why do those who play the game have such an aversion to playing to WIN? I’m sorry, but even I have to say ties in the playoffs are unacceptable. So for Monday’s “second leg”game against Seattle, FC Dallas has to win to advance… unless they tie… provided they score at least two goals. Yeah, even with basketball and hockey still being a blip on the radar at this time, convoluted rules like that aren’t going to draw people in this country for what is supposed to be the hottest time for your league.

There’s been too much bad stuff going on locally right now, and I’m not even getting into that disease everyone overreacted to. At least we only have a matter of days until SMU, UTA and the rest start up on the hardwood. With national writers everywhere giving the Mustangs their preseason due, is there possibly a slim chance this area could actually give a care about college basketball?

Stay Rowdy, My Friends.


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