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Originally posted with The Texas Sports Daily

With the reports that Game One of the World Series drew the lowest rating ever, people who want to dogpile on baseball, like 105.3 The Fan’s Shan Shariff, are once again quick to once again declare the game dead. You know, despite record attendance and TV contracts being given to individual teams. No, I’d say the real culprit here is judging and comparing this to the ratings drawn back when TV channels were still in double digits and we didn’t have this newfangled thing called the Internet for people to watch and/or get information on the games from. Sorry, Shan, I’d say that Nielson is deader than baseball right now.

J.J. Barea is back with the Mavericks, meaning that suddenly the Mavs go from having questions on the reliability of the point guard position to having a plethora of talent that includes a familiar face. This is more than just a nostalgic trip to that long ago time of 2011; Barea and Dirk were absolutely lethal running the pick-and-roll, which was one of the biggest elements toward the drive to that championship. If Jose Juan can get that game going again, this team has suddenly become even more potent than it potentially was before.

We have four Division I basketball schools in the North Texas area – and not one of them is playing another this season. But there is one bit of hope. Sources close to me says the UTA-UNT series could start up again as soon as next season. I fully admit to getting excited over this, because there are fewer things more enjoyable then seeing the UTA Mavs beat up on the Lean Green, which they did five times in the seven games after the rivalry was renewed in 2006. Hopefully, George Dunham will be doing some more grumbling.

So Joe Madden is gone from Tampa and likely heading ot the Cubs, leading some here in Texas to wonder if Jon Daniels pulled the trigger too early on selecting a new manager for the Rangers. Personally, I’m more disheartened that has chosen to retain Dave Magadan as hitting coach. You want to point to one of the big reasons this team has dropped off: This way-too-patient hitting approach under Magadan has killed the team’s ability to get clutch hits. Changing hitting coaches was key for me to turning around what this team has become; now, a third place finish at best is sadly looking more likely in 2015.

I said weeks ago that SMU wouldn’t go winless this year. With games to go… well, they still have the Florida schools to deal with, but can I change that to “they’ll have one game giving up less than 40 points?” Hey, I’d say that’s still more likely to happen than this pipe dream of Mack Brown coming to save everything on the Hilltop.

You want another good reason to support The Texas Sports Daily? If this doesn’t finally jumpstart my sports writing career, I may give up and train to become a pilot. And trust me, you don’t want a neurotic nutcase like me behind the wheel of a Southwest Airlines jet.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween, and Stay Rowdy My Friends.


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