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Originally posted with The Texas Sports Daily

Randy Galloway isn’t pulling punches despite being off the airwaves, not only suggesting in one of his latest columns that Jon Daniels wanted Ron Washington gone all along and that the new manager will be a puppet, but that Yu Darvish is a whiny little you-know-what who asked to be parked for the year just because of how bad the team is. Man, Randy can come off as a loudmouthed nut job who says the craziest stuff just to get reactions. The man is my idol.

So ESPN suspends Stephen A. Smith for one week for suggesting Janay Palmer had it coming. Bill Simmons gets shelved for three weeks for calling Roger Goodell a liar. Looks like ESPN still knows what side their bread is buttered on concerning the NFL. On a similar note, that league should give Russell Wilson a medal for standing up and saying athletes need to speak out against violence and abuse. Instead, he’ll likely get called to Goodell’s office and be told to toe the company line saying nothing needs to be done since those like Ray Rice are the exception and not the rule…

Speaking further of the NFL, they just got another flag thrown their way that could force them to actually listen to their fan base. The FCC just cut their own rules that allow for sports blackouts, which the league has used for four decades to deny fans the ability to watch their games on TV if not enough are willing to shell out $300 for a single ticket and $75 for parking. Mind you, this doesn’t guarantee blackouts are immediately gone, as Ars Technica reports that the league can still enforce them through private contracts. But they no longer have federal law on their side, so… the ball’s in your hands, now, NFL. Now if the FCC can make an even bolder move and restore net neutrality…

I will give football credit for designing new safety features for the game, but the one I like the most: Mechanically retractable goalposts. All the better for dissuading drunken, disorderly, maniacal student fans who think their team scoring a big win gives them the right to destroy school property and use huge steel poles to try and shish-ka-bob opposing fans. Those collapsable uprights were needed in Fort Worth after TCU knocked off Oklahoma, and i have the feeling they’ll come in handy at some point in University Park this year…

Yes, I’m calling that. I was right in predicting the Rangers would go to the World Series before the Cows ever went back to the Super Bowl, and I was right in saying the 2011 Miami Heat could be beaten. So i’m making another bold prediction and saying SMU football won’t go winless this year. Yeah, they got beaten up pretty bad with a non-conference schedule that included Baylor, Texas A&M and TCU, but things do get easier in “The American.” And the fact that they held their own for much of the game at No. 22 East Carolina, with a chance at getting to within single digits in the fourth quarter, my gut says the Mustangs will find a way to get at least one win this year.

So… did anyone put money down in August on that guaranteed Oakland-Detroit ALCS?

Is this the year of the small market? Kansas City is in the ALCS, Lebron took his talents back to Cleveland, and the epicenter of Big 12 sports is now… Waco, Texas?? Who thought the biggest game of this coming weekend would be located in McLennan County between Baylor and TCU? Meanwhile, the prize for winning this year’s Red River Game among the corn dogs is… not starting 1-2 in conference. But in all honesty, part of me does hope Charlie Strong does turn things around in Austin, at least so whiny old guys like Red McCombs will shut up.

If you’re looking for something new as a sports fan, I recommend college volleyball. You get to see fast-paced action from athletes who always give everything and are actually attending college for an education. And if that doesn’t draw you – tall, hot women in tight shirts and shorts.

Stay Rowdy, my friends.


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