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Originally posted with The Texas Sports Daily

Was Scott Bakula playing quarterback for SMU this Saturday? With all the bad plays and bad breaks in that game, I had to make sure I hadn’t ended up in the movie “Necessary Roughness.” It’s really bad when you’re four games into the football season in football-crazy Texas and your whole campus must be wanting basketball season to get here ASAP. I’m not kidding, I actually heard one SMU official in the press box whisper “At least basketball practice starts in two weeks.” Larry Brown could freaking own the Hilltop at this point.

And yet TCU’s manhandling of SMU wasn’t the worst case of a football team toying with its opponent this past week. My James Martin High Warriors treated the Lamar VIkings like a JV squad, scoring 29 points in the first quarter and daring to try an onside kick and a two-point conversion in that opening period. Oh well, Lamar can take comfort in the better-looking women coming out of their school; I found that out from all the Lamar students that attended the Creative Arts Theater School with me. Seriously, to everyone reading this: If your sons aren’t good at sports, get them into a theater school; they will get to be around hot girls all the time.

If there’s one thing that did impress me at Ford Stadium on Saturday, it was halftime. Two Division I college bands completed their performances in less than 15 minutes. Two Class 6A high school bands can’t finish up in twice that time. Every time I go to a high school game, I’m reminded of the verse from Don McLean’s “American Pie” – “The players tried to take the field; the marching band refused to yield.”

There is some good football being played in DFW – it’s just the OTHER “football” being played at Toyota Stadium. FC Dallas sent a clear statement that they can play with anyone in MLS after this week’s win over Seattle. And we’re not talking about the stereotypical 1-0 games everyone associates with soccer. Oscar Pareja’s club hasn’t been held to under two goals in a league home game since the end of May. With the likes of Blas Perez, Mauro Diaz, David Texeira and Tesho Akindele with Michel making things happen in the midfield, this is as deep an offensive club as there is in MLS and can make serious noise come playoff time.

Even with as much of a disaster as this season has been, it is still always sad when baseball season comes to an end, which is why I still made it out to Globe Life for the Rangers’ final game this Sunday. Now comes everyone’s off-season demands, and they certainly will be louder than ever before. Despite the Royals and Pirates, the poster children for “small market” baseball clubs, making the postseason, you can bet everyone in Texas will be demanding to spend, spend, spend in order to get back to contention. Yeah, because that worked so well this past year… and in 2001…

If you need something positive, always remember – the Mavericks have won the championship every year they’ve had Tyson Chandler on their team.

Stay Rowdy, My Friends.


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