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Counting the Mavericks out? They’ve Been There Before

I’ve been through this before, when everyone counted us out.

Let ‘em.

Okay, maybe it’s not the best thing to quote silly family baseball movies from 1994. But the basic premise still applies.

As the next NBA season gets underway and the Mavericks begin their quest to get back to the playoffs, many want to already throw them under the bus and declare them a lottery team.

CBS Sports’ Matt Moore has already declared the Mavs to be “dead meat” and finishing last in the Southwest Division – which, remember, still contains that team from New Orleans, whatever its name currently is.

Just remember two things.

One, most of them are the same people who want to put the Lakers and the Heat in the Finals now because they both won their first game yesterday.

And second… they all counted the Mavericks out in 2011 as well. How did that work out?

The Mavericks are no different than the Rangers in this town in that no one has ever expected them to win anything ever. Perhaps they don’t even want them to win. During my annual season’s rant about the lack of baseball support for this town, some told me the Mavs have it worse. Maybe they’re right.

Ninety percent of those who call themselves MFFLs? Likely didn’t watch a game prior to Game Six of the 2011 Finals.

Before that? Dirk Nowitzki – soft Euro. Jason Kidd – too old, terrible shooter, couldn’t get it done. Jason Terry – thug who was a cancer that wouldn’t play defense.

And it was a guarantee that the Mavs would be bounced in the first round that year.

Instead, they became the NBA and ESPN’s worst nightmare, delaying their crowning of Lebron James and the Miami Heat as the greatest ever and trumpeting their belief that throwing away money and buying talent always beats hard work and building a roster of players who want it more.

I think ESPN is still petitioning the league office to just nullify that Finals result so they can hands down declare the Heat the best team in the last three years.

The main point of this rambling is, go ahead and declare the Mavs a dead franchise and jump on the backs of people wanting another year of “Team Tank.” See how well that’s going to work for the teams that did it last year. Heck, I can’t even remember who the number one draft pick was in June, so it’s not like he’s guaranteed to be the next savior.

The look of the Mavericks franchise certainly took a blow when Gersson Rosas stepped down yesterday as general manager after just three months on the job. Those media guides are certainly going to look awkward now.

On the other side, Mark Cuban already got one major victory a few weeks ago when, after years of battle, beat the SEC (not the sports conference) in their insider trading charge against him, and he naturally had his choice words about them being bullies.


Compared to that, the bullies of the press and glass-is-always-half-empty “fans,” are nothing. And we’ll just see who gets to call out who after game 82, not game one.

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Rowdy Time Gameday: 10/26/13


TEMPLE 14 14 7 14 49 
SMU  7 7 21 24 59 




TEXAS 10 10 7 3 30 
TCU 7 0 0 0  7


WINNIPEG 0 1 0 0 1
 STARS 0 0 1 0 0


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STARS 1 3 1

ALEX CHIASSON (4:04, 1st) ; LEE STEMPNIAK (4:30, 2nd) ; A CHIASSON, (11:11, 2nd) ; JAIME BENN (11:29, 2nd) ; BRENDEN DILLON (12:12, 2nd) ; J BENN (3:36, 3rd)

Aledo May Not Be Bullies, But UIL Still Needs to Address Things

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Figured the time would come when I’d have to talk about this sport.

The phenomenon that is high school football in Texas has now exploded into national headlines following one of the most lopsided games in history, when Aledo High beat Fort Worth Western Hills 91-0. It wasn’t the score itself that drew the attention; it was one parent going so far as to file an accusation of “bullying” on Aledo’s team for what they did.

Bullying? Yeah, that is probably taking it to an extreme. And it once again has led to the same wave of people doing their own whining about the “wussification” of America.

But there is a deeper issue here that may be being overlooked by those rolling their eyes at one whining parent. And amazingly, it was a caller to one of Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket’s shows that addressed it.

That issue is that it makes no sense for Aledo to be in Class 4A (the second level of Texas high school athletics) and in District 7 with mostly Fort Worth ISD schools.

Aledo clearly has 5A-level talent, regularly sending players off to college like Jonathan Gray, now carrying the ball for the Texas Longhorns.  FWISD schools, meanwhile, are stretched so thin on athletes that many of their football teams have to play two ways out of necessity.

And yes, I can personally vouch for this. Back when I was broadcasting high school games while in college, there was one game with Arlington High facing off against Paschal (which was amazingly at the 5A level). Looking over at the Paschal sideline and seeing so few players there while the teams were on the field, my partners and I couldn’t help but reference the 1990s movie Necessary Roughness.

The numbers about how unfairly better Aledo is against its competition speak for themselves. The Western Hills game was just the most extreme example. With a schedule against no schools above the 4A level and one 3A school (according to Press Box Services), Aledo has yet to score fewer than 44 points in a game or allow more than 16. The average score of their district games this year has had them winning 84-7.

That doesn’t mean those players should be ashamed of putting up scores like that. Nor does it justify anyone going so far as to file a complaint that the school now must investigate by state law.

But neither does it mean the Western Hills players deserve to be struck back by elitist sports writers and personalities (many of whom probably didn’t even play anything past the junior high level) saying, “Hey you guys need to just accept the fact that you’re a bunch of pathetic losers who don’t deserve to ever set foot on a football field ever again.” Especially when it wasn’t the players who filed this claim. THAT could be a greater claim of bullying.

Who knows what will eventually come from this case. But if there is hope, it will be the realization that the UIL, the University of Texas-based governing body of Texas high school sports, needs to make serious changes to its alignment policies.

It’s dumb enough that the UIL for some reason has to re-structure the districts every two years, meaning Arlington high schools are now playing against the likes of Weatherford instead of Grand Prairie or Mansfield. But clearly student enrollment is not a good enough barometer for deciding what class level a school should be in.

No, you can’t fault the Aledo players for continuing to play hard in a game. But they should be doing it against 5A schools because that’s clearly where their talent level is at. Right now, them being at 4A is like the University of Kentucky basketball team playing at the Division II or III level.

This is more than just the issue of the remaining schools in District 7 and the rest of Class 4A not having a fair chance against a grossly superior program. There is the risk of damaging the Aledo players by giving them a false sense of confidence and the belief that everything is going to come easy for them because they are not being tested. It would be a whole lot different if they were up against the likes of Euless Trinity or Southlake Carroll.

Yes, an accusation of “bullying” because of a high school football game may be too much. But it doesn’t

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