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NBA Needs to Do a Lot to Get Me Tuned In Again

So, anyone want to give met the scores of the first two NBA Finals games? I seem to have missed watching them…

Yeah, who am I kidding? There’s a reason I didn’t watch them. And I could care less about who won which game.

What I see is a team of show-offs and punks (that shot of Lebron and Dewayne mocking Dirk’s illness still stuck in my head) against a team that became the poster child for insomnia-curing play. And I will never deny my own Dallas Mavericks bleed-blue bias in generating that opinion.

For Mavericks fans, this Finals series is Alien vs. Predator. Whoever wins, we lose.

But it actually goes a bit deeper than just who’s playing this particular year. This is actually the 11th time in the last 13 years I won’t have tuned in to the NBA Finals. Since 2001, if the Mavs weren’t in it, I haven’t watched.

Is it just the disappointment that my team didn’t make it? No, it can’t be that. Because no matter what happens to the Rangers, I’m glued to the World Series every year.

And this is the kicker: All this hype and “you must watch” attitude has indeed driven me to watch: The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs. Five years ago, I might have rolled my eyes at anyone saying I’d be watching hockey.

But that’s what it’s come to, and it ultimately relies on this major factor: The NBA has just become bad to me.

Bad play on the floor, bad attitudes off it and one of the most boring, pointless regular seasons out there have just made me apathetic at best. Only the knowledge that the Dallas Mavericks were one of the few good eggs in my biased eyes, led by all-around nice guy Dirk Nowitzki and run by passion magnet Mark Cuban, kept me interested. But the horror of dealing with Lamar Khardashian last year and seeing Dirk hobbled by injuries this past year made even that tough to watch.

Will I continue to follow the Mavs when Dirk finally hangs up the sneakers and retires to live like a god in Germany? I honestly don’t know.

The NBA has a lot of problems right now. And I’ll tackle them in the next few posts to give my own outlandish take on what needs to be done.


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