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About Me and Greggo’s Blog

For those of you who didn’t know it, I’m not helping edit Greggo’s blog anymore. I haven’t for a couple of weeks now.

The bottom line reason for this is simple: I didn’t have time. I’m starting up another work at home job soon while still having to stick around my current day job for a couple of more weeks, and between that, my videos and this site, it just didn’t make sense, especially since said day job greatly limited the number of articles I could edit anyway.

I will admit that since joining up with Greggo, I got concerns from some people as to whether or not I was making a good choice. I won’t say that’s the reason I left, but I am taking what everyone says into account since all of the events that have happened are very polarizing, especially with the new guys at 105.3.

My gut still says a lot of what Greggo has said, especially about the radio business, has some truth to it, and some friends of mine who got out of that business are pretty much nodding their heads about it. I would love for someone to just step up and flat out deny these things he’s said, particularly someone not in the business anymore and thus has nothing to lose. And of course, I am still awaiting Richie’s words whenever he can deliver them.

For now, I still hope that Greggo’s blog goes well and that he enjoys this next phase of his life. I will try to keep up with his blog because I think it will have some very interesting things to say. I’ll hopefully have more to report when more information comes out, but for now, stay Rowdy, my friends.


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