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Follow-up on Jasmine, Greggo and Richie

I’m happy to report that one of the three broadcasters dumped by 105.3 The Fan is no longer on the unemployment line. And it’s the one I figured would be there the shortest.

Jasmine Sadry has been brought on to ESPN Radio 1250 AM in San Antonio to do SportsCenter updates. What’s more, she gets to stay in the DFW area while working; I’m guessing the work will be performed via the ESPN 103.3 studios here in Arlington. Great for Jasmine, and great that she and Jake won’t have to be displaced.

On another front, you may have noticed that Greggo is sort of back. His new blog, Greggo’s Gigantic Blog and Cafe, is up and running, which has started up by him exposing the details of just what led to RAGE’s demise at that station. I’m gonna not be shy here and admit that I have been helping him edit his blog posts, particularly the big ones, and I am looking forward to seeing where this new venture of his can take him, especially since it’s something I’ve wanted to see someone like him do.

Richie, meanwhile, continues to say “stay tuned” as to where his future lies. This I am eagerly awaiting as well, as I definitely want his side also to possibly get the full story. Could we have battling blogs from two former co-hosts? It could be our gain, and more of The Fan’s loss.

I’m still planning to give you my full take on what happened once I get just about all the info I can, maybe once at least Greggo’s behind-the-scene’s expose comes to an end. But for now, I want to say congratulations to both Greggo and Jasmine on their new ventures.

Stay tuned and stay Rowdy.


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