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David Beaver gives his take on Rutgers, baseball and the NBA. If the podcast doesn’t appear here, go to:

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About Me and Greggo’s Blog

For those of you who didn’t know it, I’m not helping edit Greggo’s blog anymore. I haven’t for a couple of weeks now.

The bottom line reason for this is simple: I didn’t have time. I’m starting up another work at home job soon while still having to stick around my current day job for a couple of more weeks, and between that, my videos and this site, it just didn’t make sense, especially since said day job greatly limited the number of articles I could edit anyway.

I will admit that since joining up with Greggo, I got concerns from some people as to whether or not I was making a good choice. I won’t say that’s the reason I left, but I am taking what everyone says into account since all of the events that have happened are very polarizing, especially with the new guys at 105.3.

My gut still says a lot of what Greggo has said, especially about the radio business, has some truth to it, and some friends of mine who got out of that business are pretty much nodding their heads about it. I would love for someone to just step up and flat out deny these things he’s said, particularly someone not in the business anymore and thus has nothing to lose. And of course, I am still awaiting Richie’s words whenever he can deliver them.

For now, I still hope that Greggo’s blog goes well and that he enjoys this next phase of his life. I will try to keep up with his blog because I think it will have some very interesting things to say. I’ll hopefully have more to report when more information comes out, but for now, stay Rowdy, my friends.


College Baseball Championship Central

QuikTrip Park, Grand Prairie

The Patriots’ quest for another NCAA bid came to an end as the Roadrunners rallied from an early 2-0 deficit to score all their runs in their last four innings at bat, including a four-run eighth to finish it off.

DBU 12, New Mexico St 4
By scoring four runs in the first inning and never looking back after that, the Patriots earned a spot in the WAC title game against San Antonio on Sunday.

DBU 7, Texas State 5
Michael Miller’s three-run homer in the fifth inning drove the Patriots forward to get their fist WAC Tournamnent win.

UTA 2, Texas State 11
The Mavs’ season ends with a 1-2 record in the WAC Tournament after the Bobcats rocked them for 15 hits. Starter Daniel Milliman only lasted two innings, allowing three runs on five hits.

UTA 3, New Mexico St 4
Down 4-0 with four outs to go, the Mavs could not complete a comeback and saw their shot at the WAC title game dashed.

The Mavs made the Patriots look foolish all night, recording 14 strikeouts, 11 of them from Brad Vachon.

Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, Oklahoma City

TCU 8 Oklahoma State 4
The Horned Frogs were two outs away from going down in their first tournament game but then exploded for six ninth-inning runs, starting with six straight base runners to take the lead. Keaton Jones took one for the team to go up in front, getting hit in the knee with the bases loaded.

TCU 3 West Virginia 10
The Frogs were completely sloppy in the field with nine errors that led to six unearned runs, as WVU scored four in the first two innings and another six in the 6th/7th.

TCU 0 Kansas 4
The Frogs’ season ended as they could get nothing off of Robert Kahana and the Jayhawks, stranding 11 runners on base for the game.

Amazingly, it may be the Horned Frog baseball team to see the most disappointment in the move to the Big 12. At least the basketball team had few expectations and can claim a win over Kansas. But barring a miracle run through this tournament, the Frogs are likely seeing their streak of making the NCAAs come to an end.
The tournament has been delayed by one day in light of the tornadoes that ravaged Oklahoma.

For Now, Stars’ Future Looks Brighter Than the Mavericks’

The lights are out in the American Airlines Center. And they likely will be out for six to seven weeks total, since unlike Denver, Dallas usually prepares for its teams making playoff runs.

But that’s not happening this year. The AAC will host no playoff games for the first time in its history, as the Mavericks and Stars have both failed to make the postseason for the first time since 1996.

Both teams’ fans and management face the big question: How to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

In either case, coming up with answers is easier than making them work. But upon close inspection, it seems the club in sweaters and skates may be in a better position than the one in tanks and sneakers.

The Mavericks’ hopes of returning to the playoffs, let alone becoming contenders for a title again, appear to once again hinge on breaking the bank on signing some big name free agent for the first time in their franchise’s history.

Top prizes this year: Dwight Howard and Chris Paul.

At the moment, Paul has to be seen as the most likely option. For now, let’s assume that a division title can’t overcome Donald Sterling’s stinginess and no maximum contract is coming Paul’s way from the Clippers. And why anyone would want to touch Howard after he got one coach fired in Orlando, still forced the Magic to trade him and then got ANOTHER coach fired with the Lakers is beyond me. All that talent plus bad attitude equals fool’s gold.

However, CP3 himself might not be much better. Rumors were circulating out of La La Land that Blake Griffin and other players nearly came to blows with theirq All Star guard even before the playoffs began. And while they amaze viewers with their ability to fill up the bucket themselves without ever dishing the ball off, the team success with score-first point guards is not good.

Still, the Mavs have few other options if they’re going to give Dirk Nowitzki a chance for another ring in what few years he may have left. And this is largely due to the Mavs’ inability to develop young players.

And it can’t just be blamed on picking so low in the draft every year. As much as I dislike the San Antonio Spurs, they do a fantastic job finding playes with their low picks that fit their system. I will say if there is an excuse, it lies in the inability to trust young players nowadays, which I’ll discuss further another day.

But ultimately, getting good young players is why the team with the most likely chance to improve may be the one that plays on the ice.

And yes, I’m saying that despite the Dallas Stars having fired their general manager and coach after missing the playoffs for a fifth straight year.

It’s been at least three straight years that the Stars have just missed out on breaking through that playoff glass ceiling. And clearly the front office moves are Tom Gaglardi’s attempt to find a way to stir interest back up after having fallen so far from the days of rocking Reunion Arena. Trading Brendan Morrow and Jaramir Jagr during the season definitely didn’t help.

But with the likes of Jaime and Geordie Benn, Trevor Daley, Cody Eakins and Brenden Dillon, the Stars are clearly committed to building a full team together from the ground up.

And this my be just my opinion, but that does lead to more optimism. if you stock you rtem with old veterans, you better win immediately, or the losing will be VERY frustrating. (Isn’t it, Anaheim baseball fans?) But with a young roster, there is hope, the belief that even if they’re not winning NOW, you feel like they’re trying and thing can only go up.

The Rangers built their way into a winning position by trusting their development system, as evidenced by having MLB’s best record with all but three pitchers coming from said system. The Stars are clearly looking to do the same, though for now whether it will finally work remains wait-and-see.

But the fact that they have a system to use is the one big advantage they have over their hardwood brethren. The lack of a true development program in the NBA is one more discussion for another time.

What else will happen over these summer months will go a long way in determining just how both teams’ situations and my thoughts on them will change.

But for now, if you’re hoping to see a playoff game at the AAC in 2014, you’re more likely to go to one wearing a black sweater than a blue tank top.

Greggo’s Words Give Me Reason to Not Be a Fan Fan

So as many of you probably now know, Greggo is back – in a way. Greggo’s Gigantic Blog and Cafe is up and running, and full disclosure: I am helping him edit it, proof reading the entries he publishes for midday. That means I helped him on the three biggest articles that people are talking about.
So Greggo was pretty brutal in exposing the details of him and Richie getting the boot from 105.3 The Fan. Basically, his beef with Spittle, Gavin, as he likes to call him, has three parts: He knew he was getting fired for weeks but Spittle kept lying to him about it, Spittle refused to give him a straight reason to his face, and he didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to anyone. With these reasons, I can fully understand why he’d be upset, and I can’t say I’m surprised by all that happened.
Let me say this: I still bear no ill will to those that were and still on the air there. But Richie and Greggo were my guys. I was reading Richie Whitt’s work in the Star Telegram when I was 15. And even though I’ve had problems with 1310 The Ticket, Greggo never held it against me (or maybe he didn’t know). But they’ve been supportive of me for years. I know their ratings weren’t good; guess what, if I only watched what was popular, I wouldn’t be a die-hard Rangers fan. And it’s not just that they were fired. Every Fan fan with a working brain cell knew Ben and Skin were coming back for weeks. And Spittle lied to Richie and Greggo to their faces about it. Then they treated them like criminals when they abruptly cut them, unlike previous PMs that gave Jagger and Hensen the chance to say goodbye. Then they strung us along with Kevin and Cory
for weeks when we all knew they weren’t keeping that time slot. 1053’s management insulted the intelligence of its talent AND its listeners, and now it expects us to follow like sheep and tune into the guys who spent much of their first go-round on The Fan saying “The Rangers will never win, they should just quit playing once Cowboys training camp starts.” And The Fan will be definitely anti-Rangers, all-Cowboys. Orders from Spittle to put the Cows in a positive light. When they haven’t done a damn thing in more than 15 years to warrant that. Looks like Dale Hanson was right about The Fan being about shilling for Jerry; he was just a bit premature in the accusation.
So that sums up my beef now with 105.3 The Fan. They cast out my friends like rotten fruit, their PR department is doing everything they can to destroy the reputations of those friends (the whole “you will never work in this town again” mentality) while praising their new yes men that will take to the airwaves and follow corporate orders of saying “The Cowboys are the bestest team in the whole wide world and everything else here can suck it!” If that’s their game, I ain’t playing.
I still hope to get Richie’s side to this, but for now, Stay Rowdy, My Friends.