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About Richie and Greggo

I’m sure most of you are aware that the axe fell on another group of broadcasters at 105.3 The Fan recently. And it was again among my favorites. The Richie & Greggo Extravaganza is no more; Richie Whitt, Greg Williams and Sybil Summers are out.

As I did when Jasmine Sadry got the boot, I was planning to write yet another tribute article to these people and condemn the station for such a decision. However, I have decided to hold off on that. This is because one of those departed announcers has hinted that he does hope to release further details into just exactly why this decision went down whenever he is able to. I imagine legal/financial issues are behind this current silence. At any rate, I have decided not to write anything in detail myself if further information is forthcoming so that I can then have more details into anything I write myself. It is my own hope that possibly the full details can be published right here on Rowdy Time Sports. No matter what, I will definitely say my piece at this venue when I believe I have all available information.

Stay tuned, and stay Rowdy.


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