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Welcome to Rowdy Time!

The NEW Rowdy Time is now up and ready to go! After posting for the last few months at Ranger Rowdy Time on the MLB Fan Blogs, I have moved on to this new site that will be dedicated to more year-round sports opinions and coverage.

So what will this be about? I will be dedicated to presenting my take and opinions on sports in the North Texas area that I feel do not get the attention they deserve. You want to hear nothing but Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys? Three sports radio stations in DFW are happily dedicated to that. This will be my attempt to get the word out about everything else, like the Rangers, Mavericks, Sidekicks and others. You know, the teams that have actually done some WINNING in this area recently??

Hopefully we are in for a wild and crazy ride that we can enjoy. So hop on the bus (no bandwagons allowed here), and let’s get ready to stay rowdy all year long!!!